Children and Poverty

The Difference Between
what children have and what they need to thrive

Childhood is a time of hope and promise, discovery and dreams. But for far too many of New York City’s most impoverished young people, childhood is marred by barriers, denial and hopelessness. Illness goes untreated and leads to chronic school absence. Teen pregnancy derails the future. Dreams dead end at the street corner.

Children and Poverty

  • 28% of NYC children live in poverty
  • 175,000 NYC children lack health insurance
  • 27% of Head Start children are obese
  • 397,000 New York City children rely on a soup kitchen or food pantry for food

The Children’s Aid Society’s comprehensive, integrated services make the difference in the lives of poor children, bridging the gap between what they have and what they need to thrive. We reach these children and families at critical moments—when a place to go, a person to talk to, or a connection to community could mean the difference between making it and not making it. We help by creating healthy and wholesome nurturing communities within which families can grow and thrive. For kids who have fallen through the cracks, we provide foster care, preventive services, juvenile justice and domestic violence programs.

Last year, Children’s Aid served 150,000 children and their families at more than 45 locations throughout the city. With services that span lives from the prenatal months to early adulthood years, The Children’s Aid Society supports children’s emotional and physical health, eliminates barriers to education and offers enrichment opportunities so children can learn to the fullest; we develop individual strengths and leadership potential so children can create the life of their dreams.